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Doc Stuff

Listen to the sound of this, and tell me if it has any basis in reality:

Every document has 2 Clubs associated with it: a Read Club (the set of all
Clubs with Read permission on the doc) and a Change Club (the set of all
Clubs with Change permission on the doc). Several thoughts emerge:

1) Does Change permission imply Read permission, or is it possible to have
the former without the latter?

2) Which component of the document (ID or state) has the permission Clubs
associated with it? Surely documents (i.e., Berts) have their own permission
Clubs, but don't stamps as well? If I pull your Club out of the Read Club of
my Marketing Plan, then you cannot read those versions of my document
represented by future stamps, but you can read all former versions (read
permission with respect to a particular stamp is irrevocable). It seems to
me that the permissions notions with respect to the different components of
a document (state and ID) are distinct.


-- bobp