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Draft Treaty On Links

> 1) If the link is created as a part of new document creation 
   > (i.e., "Attach New Note"), the link from the current highlighted 
   > area in the active document to the new note is embedded in the 
   > note.
   > 2) If the link is created between existing documents, the link 
   > is not embedded.

   That sounds wrong.  If your link is the expression of a footnote
   or a quotation, created during the editing of a document (which
   thus already exists), it should be imbedded in, and version track
   with, the active (fromset) document.

Ah.  It turns out that all link types that the frontend creates as the
result of an operation with a richer description that "make a link"
are embedded.  That includes formatting, quoting, refuting,
commenting, etc.  The 'standalone' links are only made bvy the generic
link maker that creates random unanticipated link-types between