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COPY / PROXY and the Translator

Date: Sun, 22 Oct 89 01:01:39 PDT
   From: tribble (Eric Dean Tribble)

      Non-PROXY messages in a proxified class should also
      not be DEFERRED, since the stubble generated Proxy subclass will have
      to be a concrete class (XLint doesn't need to check for this, the
      compiler will).

   Does this need to be true?

I think so.  Does what still need to be true?  Why not?

	   Where abouts in the translator is it appropriate to make those changes?  It's
	 best (for readability) if the variables get grouped according to COPY, PROXY
	 or normal before being printed.

   Don't change the ordering: easier to find things.  Users can change
   ordering in Smalltalk.  Also not enough instance variables to matter.

I agree.  If I understand stubble & formic correctly, there is no
reason for all the copy variables to be gathered together in one COPY
section instead of having several (Mr Hill?  Roland?  Do I have this
right?).  I generally find it more readable to group them into one,
but this is control I expect to have when writing my source code.
When we write our source code in Smalltalk, this is where we should
exercise this control.