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compose, transform and getSlice

How difficult is it to remap the UnaryFn ancillary protocols into something
more like a table oriented protocol.  I've looked at it a bit and it doesn't
look too bad.  Major changes:
restrict::of() -- instead of returning the original argument if the test fails,
  it should return nil.
well, the of() should be fetch(), in which case this is a TableView - which
means that maybe we DO want to implement the compose/restrict protocol for
TableView.  But then, what does the current UnaryFn protocol mean without
Tuples?  That needs to be recast in Iterators.  Or does it?  Can it be done
purely with a table form?

please excuse my ramblings.  I've only been running on 1/2 cylinder for a
couple of days.  I have brief moments of clarity, but I'm mostly mush...