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Re: Circular Multi-Orgls & Logic Programming

My feeling is that we won't be needing circular structures (in orgls) very
soon, and they can be emulated (if necessary) with links.  Any FE that used
such a structure would have to go out of its way, but not too far.
  Accepting circularity in the long term may be reasonable.  It is certainly
better than n^2 checks.
  After thinking for a few minutes, I can't come up with a (reasonable)
scenario in which a partial orgl would become informed to produce a circular
structure.  Of course, I expect most informs to be with IDs rather than orgls,
so that eliminates (direct) circularity.  Unless I'm missing something, I don't
see cases in our initial docs and links that CAN produce a circularity (with
the caveat that I understand that our current use of recorders is to inform
them with ID's (stamps or berts) rather than orgls).