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First Class Links Make Second Strike

If the front-end is much like our current designs, then the
   user virtuallity (yes, it is the correct word here) will be one of
   first class links, so using embedded links internally will be terribly

No.  Current frontend has very little model of links, embedded or not.
For example, don't know whether frontend embeds mail links because
mail interface is undefined.

On one hand, links will have arrived when they are invisible.  I make
a similar argument for hypertext.  I don't want to make a comment
link, I want to make a comment.  I don't want to make a refutation
link, I want to point out a refutation.  I don't want to link a
message to someone's mailbox, I want to mail them a message.

On the other hand, MarkM's insight and my proposed 'review link
document' suggest some compromise.  Hmmm.  I still contend that link
type semantics prescribe their home locations.