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Re: COPY / PROXY and the Translator

COPY and PROXY are properties of the instance variables.  A single class
may have COPY instance variables, (meaning they are copied over the wire
when the object is sent over FEBE) or PROXY variables (in which case, only
an identifier of the real object on the end doing the sending is sent).
  Actually a class can have any mix, some COPY, some PROXY, and some neither
(cache variables are good examples of what falls into the latter).  If a class
does not have any COPY or PROXY variables, it can only communicate with 
message sends - no state goes across the wire.
  OK, now that we have the basic defn's down, we can get onto the real prob.
In your response, you indicated that it can be included in the variable type.
That strikes me as a reasonable answer, but do we solve it with an attribute
message (like {Table copy}) or do we add another setup like inst var type?
I guess the former is adequate, although it makes translation a bit harder.
  Where abouts in the translator is it appropriate to make those changes?  It's
best (for readability) if the variables get grouped according to COPY, PROXY
or normal before being printed.