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Weekly Planning Meeting, 10/17

Text selection is actually a pretty minor part of what I got working.
I warned you that the demo didn't show much of the real mechanism
that actually exists behind it all.  

The existing capabilities that come quickly to mind are:

-display text, icons, and fill patterns.
-display horizontal and vertical lists of such things
-with end-to-end layout
-with grid layout
-with a pseudo-constrasint based proportional space allocation layout.
-have essentially any action happen in response to mouse location,
single or double clicks of the mouse, keystrokes, etc on any of those
-the particular classes implemented in detail control selection within
a text view
-selection across a list view
-coordinate selection across multiple views at once.

Much of the incremental update stuff is implemented or sketched.  Not
enough was working to show.

Underlying it all is some neat stuff for graphical display, event
handling, and modularity management.  Note that the abstract color
model wasn't finished enough to actually see the text selections.

I was slightly sick today, so I'm feeling grumpy....