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I had a thought this morn that I think is a winner.  I was troubled by how
to convert an arbitrary table into a wordvector so FE's can do something
useful with them.  The conversion is only reasonable if the table being
converted is from an integer domain (charming) to PackOBits.
  Well, rather than have all the tables respond to some asWordVector protocol,
I hit upon having pseudo-constructors (for wordVector) that do the conversion.
By overloading various table classes, the appropriate conversions can be
made.  The one that will happen most often will be a conversion from
TableView to wordVector.  In this case, since the TableView will often be
a view of another WordVector, the pseudo-constructor just needs to go to the
original table and use it's subTable (clippedFrom:To:) to get an efficient
  Ok, so this was probably intuitively obvious to you guys...  I've gone
ahead to start the work.