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Link Behavior Questions

I'll try to write a full response tomorrow (I don't want to fill my
head with the simulation of your problem today).  But a few high level

1) let us distinguish two general categories of links: Links
interconnecting documents (which are the type you are considering) and
links internal to documents that represent formatting and the like.
The latter MUST track versions properly.  I'm sure a solid case could
be made to blur the distinction between these two categories of links.

2) the general class of sliming that you worried about in the latter
parts of your message should be handled by proper filtering.  If you
hang a permissive recorder on a public document, you will get a huge

3) the proper use for sensor is the thing which is hung on a partial
orgl to alert the user when the PO has new data.  The recorder is the
object that detects new data and stuffs it into the partial orgl.
Thus you create a Recorder to record new links onto a document, then
hang a Sensor on the partial-orlg that the Recorder builds to actually
get an interactive alert during a specific session.

4) I am slightly terrified about lots of recorders hanging around.
Mostly because I don't really know how expensive Recorders are.  The
Sensor part is cheap.