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Creation of Xanatech

As most people saw from keith's message yesterday, we have created 
a new mail group, "xanatech", in response to a number of pleas 
for mercy from the nontechnical people on "us".

The purpose of xanatech is to provide a place for nitty gritty 
 xanadu design discussions, which have lately been pouring into 
the "us" channel. Messages that use suspicious terms such as 
"berts", "orgls", and "inclusion lists" are key candidates for 
auditioning on "xanatech". Controversial messages about orgls 
and berts and inclusion lists,  which you anticipate will produce 
competition among alternative ideas, are the critical messages 
to get into xanatech. 

The Weekly Planning Meeting messages will still go to "us"; they 
are sometimes technical but rarely controversial. Discussions 
of marketing plans will still go to "us"; they are controversial 
but rarely technical. Discussions of garbage collectors and the 
tyranny of link panes go to xanatech.

Currently "xanatech" includes everyone from "us" except AMIX 
people. If you are in AMIX and would like to hear the xanabattles, 
ask bill or keith to put you on "xanatech". Similarly, if you 
are outside AMIX and feel a sense of helplessness looking at 
the profusion of xanatech mail, let bill or keith know and we'll 
grant you a reprieve.