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New, Improved Frontend Documentation

Yesterday I upgraded the documentation on the frontend. It now reflects
almost all of the discussions we've had recently. People can find the
new versions in the "frontend pictures" folder in my Tops folder
"current work".

The inclusion list has been simplified.

The basic document with link pane is visually about as complex as before.
However, the number of active regions has grown, to deal with features
of the backend that we cannot mask from the user. Notably, the user
faces a problem with links that end on text shared by many documents:
which document is the right context for this user at this time? Now
we have both default action and flexibility.

There is a new picture of a heretofore-unseen piece of the system: the
Link Edit window. This window is more visually distinctive than the
others. I suspect people will either love it or hate it. Either way,
I'm sure I'll hear about it.