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Re: Berts for Users, Denoument

absolutely ridiculous to keep micro-edit orgls back to the beginning of time.
Most users will never have any reason for recovering micro-edits after a
short period (around, say, the beginning of the current edit session) since
they typically will not remember the micro-edit states.  We provide a simple
mechanism for providing divergence and/or recovery points.

  It seems reasonable to keep the cost/utility function in mind.  Since most
users have no use for the micro-edit versions, we shouldn't penalize them.
I also think that it would be VERY BAD for the early versions to use large
amounts of storage keeping micro-edits.  We'd get very nice reviews, except
that a Xanadu Document requires 10 times the storage of an ascii file....
The storage will be more justifiable when it becomes cheaper (by say, 3 orders
of magnitude or more).

  In any case, the backend supports keeping those edit versions, and FE's
can be configured to provide those users who NEED it, and are willing to pay
for it.  I don't think it is the appropriate default action and we should
not support it for V1.  Perhaps an option for V1.1 or 2.