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Mail Groups

I'm almost afraid to bring this up, considering the fervor of the opinions
every time we discuss altering mail groups. But a number of the people
at AMIX, notably the marketing people, are understandably tired of 
wading through the gory discussions of berts and inclusion lists that 
pour through the "us" mail group. 

We could just remove these people from the "us" group, but then there 
wouldn't be a unified mail group that goes to the collection of
people which now constitutes "all of us". 

We could create a new group like "allOfUs", and keep using "us" as
the xanadu technical forum.

Or we could create a group like "xanatech" or maybe "xtech" which would
be where we hold the xanadu technical battles, and keep "us" for
the purpose which seem to me to be closest to its original purpose.

Of the choices I can see, I prefer creating "xtech" for technical

What clever fourth alternatives do people have?

If I don't get crisped by the flamethrowers by Friday, I'll have Bill
and Jeff coordinate the best solution then existent, i.e., if no
one complains or proposes a better idea, we'll implement "xtech".